Lean Cuisine Responds – Cheddar Potatoes and Broccoli meal

Last week I wrote about Lean Cuisine’s Cheddar Potatoes and Broccoli tv dinner. You can read the item here.

My conclusion was that the meal tasted good, but there were too many broccoli stalks and not enough florets. I wrote the following email to Lean Cuisine:

“Folks -I think you did a good job on the Cheddar Potatoes with Broccoli. It rivals Jenny Craig’s which sells for more money. However, I really wish you had been less generous with the broccoli stalks and more generous with the florets. It would make a lot of difference on the upside.”

Lean Cuisine's Cheddar Potatoes and Broccoli

They responded as follows: “Thank you for taking the time to email us about your experience with our STOUFFER’S® LEAN CUISINE® Cheddar Potatoes with Broccoli. We are sorry that this product did not meet your expectations.

“Our goal at Nestlé is to provide the highest quality products, which contain the proper amount of product. As part of our routine quality control process, each product is evaluated for correct weight. Please be assured we have forwarded your observations to our Quality Assurance Department.

“We appreciate your interest in our product and hope you will visit our website for the latest information on Nestlé® products and promotions. Please expect to receive coupons by mail in 7-10 business days.”

It is worth keeping in mind that big firms are interested in feedback from consumers. It is also worth noting that when writing a note like this, tell them something positive about it first. Don’t just launch into a negative tirade.

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