Why Corn-Eating? Because I’m Tired of Not Eating

Why would I do a corn-eating contest, something designed to make me over-eat? I’ll tell you. Because after almost two years of counting every calorie, watching everything I eat and writing about it here, I’m tired of all that. Yes I’ve lost about 25 pounds but that didn’t lower my blood pressure, so my major health issue remains.

The half-an-ear I lost by

Plus, I am stuck at my 200-pound plateau and have been here for months now. Soooo frustrating.

So the more I watch what I eat and try to eat healthy, the more I want to cut loose. Last year, I did not only corn eating but also a pie-eating contest (I won that one).

Not sure what’s ahead but I know I need to get abck on track. Wish me luck…and some renewed will power.

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