Vita Mix – Two Regular Guys Like It

As regular readers know, and irregular readers are invited to go back and check. The search function works very well. There are certain things we use and like very much and urge our readers to try. How many times have we mentioned the Lose It! app on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad? It can be worth purchasing an iPod Touch just to get the free Lose It! App so you can have it with you when you go to work, or out to eat. Likewise, we have recounted several times how often we go to Costco and buy food and other products there. So, it should come as no surprise that we have an Affiliate relationship with Vita Mix.

The Vita Mix Model 5200 Machine.

We use and recommend this very powerful food processing machine. Tony has had one for over five years. He got service on their impressive 7 year warranty and recently updated his machine by buying a new one. He bought the Model 5000 back in 2005 and now has purchased the Model 5200.

You can learn all about this super machine at the Vita Mix website.

To save the $25 shipping cost include our affiliate number #06-005519 when you order.

If you prefer to shop by phone – 1-800-848-2649.

John and Tony

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