Two Guys Midweek Food News: Chickens and Cancer Warnings

Will fast food places soon be posting cancer warnings about their chicken? Look to California for the answer in stories on our Food & Exercise News page this week.

Also, read about continued testing of Gulf Coast seafood as shrimpers there take to their boats once more. And see which fast food places Zagat found consumers like the best. It’s all in our mid-week food news roundup. Click through to the Two Guys Food News Page or click on links below

In cancer-warning fight, court rules against California restaurants
Eat an Apple (Doctor’s Orders)
Gulf seafood gets intense safety testing
The Minds Behind the Shopping Carts
Supermarket product sales reflect adaptations to changes in consumer shopping habits
Food labels’ sins of omission
Wi-Fi, coupons draw fast-food breakfast customers
Zagat users rank top restaurant chains

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