A Different, More Problematic Approach to Food

I always enjoy reading about Tony’s eating habits because he’s reached such a good place in terms of healthy foods and proper portions.

My past weekend’s weight gain reminded me I am far from that end goal. Take my disastrous Saturday, for example. After a busy morning exercising and working in the yard, I went to lunch at an all-you-can-eat salad bar (not terribly bad except in the amount of what I took) and added on two mini-burgers while there. I then headed for a convenience store to buy two packages of Hostess HoHos, which add up to about 720 calories, for dessert. I also bought myself a large chocolate chip cookie, probably another 200 calories, while at a bakery buying butter cookies to bring to dinner at a friend’s house.

The dinner itself was wonderful, mostly Greek dishes that were heavy on tomatoes and vegetables and not breaded or fried. But there, I ate more of those butter cookies I’m sure than anyone else.

And on Sunday, despite knowing I’d gained weight Saturday, I went ahead with our usual Sunday routine of an early movie at which I ate not only the deadly movie popcorn but also Raisinettes which I’ve somehow come to think of as a Sunday right I earn by starving myself all week.

As I said, I have a long way to go.

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