Jenny Craig on Portion Sizes – Dining Out

John and I are convinced that understanding portion sizes is one of the keys to weight control. That’s why it was so gratifying to receive an email from Jenny Craig discussing exactly that.

Her most recent ‘Weekly Tips’ to clients starts with a paragraph on the challenge of maintaining a healthy weight in view of the out-sized portions in pre-packaged foods and restaurant items.

Here’s what she has to say about dining out. “…. Many restaurants serve large portions. When dining out, plan in advance. You can call ahead or check the restaurant’s website to preplan your meal, order an appetizer, share an entrée with a friend, or request that half of your entrée be packed in a “to-go box” when you order. At fast-food restaurants, order the “single” or “small” size. If you’re a Jenny Craig Client, remember that Jenny’s Cuisine® entrées are designed to be the proper serving size for a meal, so use them as a visual comparison to the portion sizes served at the restaurant. ”

As one of Jenny’s clients I can attest to the fact that portion sizes of her meals are very intelligent. I confess I was somewhat taken aback at first, but that was because I was so accustomed to the out-sized portions that we see every day, particularly in fast foods. Once I understood correct portion sizes, I appreciated what her company was doing.

If you aren’t really paying attention to your portion sizes, you are leaving the door wide open to having no control of your input. Check out item 10 on our Remember This page on Portion Distortion for starters.


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