The Fruits of Summer – I Love ’Em

I’m an admitted junk food junkie, can’t live without chocolate, so finding healthy things I like to eat is always a challenge for me. But summer does present some of my favorite non-junk snacks.

I’ve been thrilled lately, for example, that Costco is selling California figs. If you’ve never had a fig, you’ve missed a lot. And fresh ones are so much more flavorful than the dried ones you can buy in most supermarket produce aisles. Their sweetness is amazing and they’re a great source of fiber as well.

Another summer favorite also has been abundantly available lately, apricots. You can get these in winter some places but they’re usually small and tasteless then. This is the time of year to enjoy them.

And let’s not forget watermelon. I’ve been buying whole ones every week for around $3.50, a great deal. I eat a quarter a watermelon each night to satisfy my sweet cravings; often that is my dinner on hot summer nights.

Let us know what fruits do it for you.


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