How Good Are MBT Shoes?

I would like to tell you about my new shoes.

I have bad feet. As a child playing running games and sports, I had terrible pains in my feet. My folks took me to doctors who determined that I have high arches. I leave a footprint like an elongated letter ‘C.’ In order for me to play sports I needed to wear arch supports to reduce the pain in my feet. Orthotics, is the current term. I wore them as long as I played competition sports. Only in the past 10 years as I opted out of most competitive sports, did I stop wearing them.

m35WsbSG MBT.jpg

I recently went to a foot doctor to take care of some uncomfortable little spots on the bottoms of my feet. He said this was a natural condition and removed them without much effort on his part or pain on mine. He then suggested that I reconsider wearing orthotics as they would even out the pressure on the bottoms of my feet and reduce the likelihood of similar problems. He also suggested as an alternative any kind of shoe that would take the pressure off my arches, like the MBT shoe.

The MBT site states:
MBT is totally different:
• Its sole is curved, not flat.
• It is unstable, not stable.
• It activates your muscles instead of undermining them.
• It has a positive effect on the entire body, not just the feet.
In other words: It is the antithesis of a shoe.

I had heard of these, of course, and several friends and acquaintances wear them for walking and running. So, I decided to try them. You can see a photo of my MBT loafer.

The site shows the entire collection.

I have owned my MBTs for two days now and can report that walking, even standing, in them is a totally different experience. You initially feel unstable and you can feel your leg muscles working to keep your balance. Walking is a very pleasant experience in that the rounded sole seems to thrust you forward and you have a springy step. The first time I walked the dog wearing them, I became very aware of my leg muscles working. An interesting experience. I am never sure about feedback from my legs as they are pretty resilient due to my biking.

I felt pretty good about the shoes but wondered if the thick soles might make it tricky to drive my stick shift car. I took a ride and was pleasantly surprised to learn they they were no different and posed no problems driving at all.

At this point I consider the MBT experience to be a complete success. I like the bouncy walk and can feel that pressure has been removed from my arch and placed on my heel which is much more stable. Walking has become pleasurable for me.

I am keepin’ ’em.

Updating this in January of 2012. I now own about five pairs of MBT shoes as well as two pairs of MBT Kisumu Sandals. They are truly the most comfortable shoes and best sandals I have ever worn. I also have relief from the pain in my arches that I have lived with all my life. Rather than supporting my high arch, they take the weight OFF the arch and put it back on the heel. Very comfortable!


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  1. Hi Tony!

    Your article is very much appreciated by us at the MBT team. We like how you painted the picture of growing up with high arches, your experience with orthotics, and now finding relief with MBTs. We want to thank your foot doctor as well. Thank you again for sharing your great story!

    MBT | USA


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