Visualizing Portion Sizes

Let’s face it, sometimes figuring out portion sizes can be one difficult trick. That’s why I love The Portion Plate with its concrete examples, for example, a cup or fruits or vegetables is the size of a baseball. One serving of meat equals the size of a deck of cards.

In one of my newest favorite books, The Portion Teller, Lisa R. Young offers several excellent tools for visualizing portion sizes.

In Chapter two, she explains The Handy Method.

For meat, fish or poultry, 3 ounces = the palm of your hand.
For mixed nuts, 1/4 cup = one layer on your palm.
For veggies and berries, 1 cup = a tight fist.
For popcorn or cereal, 1 cup = 2 cupped hands or two handfuls. (As a moviegoer, I find this one especially useful when faced with the giant tubs of popcorn offered.)
For cooked pasta, 1/2 cup = a rounded handful.
For meat or cheese, 2 ounces = 2 fingers (length of two fingers).
1 ounce = 1 finger.
For butter or oil, 1/2 teaspoon = a fingertip.

As you know, I consider portion size to be a key concept in getting a handle on your weight management. Hopefully, one or more of these examples will resonate with you.



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