Happy Birthday to Me, 10+ to Go?

Today is my 57th birthday and it likely will mean lots of food. We have a family dinner planned at a wonderful, relatively new Chicago place, more on that in a future post.

I’m assuming there will be cake of some kind at work, a bittersweet birthday there as I’ll be leaving soon for a new job and I’ll miss my team deeply.

For me, it’s also a significant birthday because my dad died of a heart attack when he was 67. That means I could have only 10 years to go if my heart were to give out when his did.

I know the likelihood of that happening the same time in my life is slim but I think about it every day, of course, and it is one of the main reasons I helped create this blog to talk through my eating problems and find a road to healthier eating and a healthier, hopefully longer life than my dad had.

When my dad died, he was over-weight and likely had untreated high blood pressure. I’m still about 10 pounds over my ideal weight after losing 27 pounds the past year and a half. My blood pressure would be high without the medication I take but I am getting treatment for it, so that hopefully puts me ahead of him as well.

Wish me luck and luck to all of you as we move forward on this challenging road together.

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