Portion Control – Beverages at home

It’s not time to let go of the portion control mantra just yet. Besides being totally aware of portion sizes when you eat out. You need to refocus when you get home, too. Open a cabinet and take a look at your drinking glasses. I seriously doubt that there is one UNDER 12 ounces, and probably most are around 16 ounces.


Our Remember This page has a Portion Distortion exhibit that includes soft drinks 20 years ago coming in 6 ounce bottles vs 20 ounce bottles now.

One 8 ounce cup is a normal single serving of a beverage. If you are drinking out of a 12 to 16 ounce mug, you are taking 150% to 200% of a normal serving with each fill-up. You don’t want to drink down your calories because you won’t get enough food value out of them, particularly if you are downing soft drinks. Learn to fill up halfway, or find smaller glasses.

Check out my Page What’s wrong with Soft Drinks? for more information.

Pay attention to your portion sizes at home, too. Don’t sabotage your own weight control program through lack of focus.



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