Portion Size – Key Weight Loss Concept

Portion size has to be a key concept in getting a handle on weight control. I think we need to unlearn some of our early lessons and rethink some early ideas, like ‘bigger is better.’ Bigger isn’t better when it comes to feeding ourselves.

Maybe we are hard-wired that way because as cavemen we had to eat as much as we could since we didn’t know when we might eat again. But those days are gone and we have to retrain our ideas about how much we should be eating.healthy-hands.jpg

I happen to be an Apple person, but I am sure there is an app for you handheld device that can help you with portion control.

The Apple one takes the form of a quiz, it asks what object equals the correct serving size for a bagel. It offers three options. The first is a lip balm pot, the second a kitchen timer and the third several squat candles amounting to about the size of a bagel. The correct answer is the kitchen timer. Portion Control suggests eating half and saving the rest for another time.

This is a super skill-building tool. It helps us to visualize how much we should have in front of us on our plate.

Another time it asks what is the correct portion for baby carrots. Again it shows the four small candles, a bar of soap and a paper coffee cup. The correct answer is the coffee cup. Carrots are a low calorie high nutrition food that you can eat lots of.

This free iPhone app is a product of Prevention Magazine.


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