Eating Well — Can Everyone Afford It?

Day Two of our New York odyssey involved an amazing sushi lunch at Iron Chef Morimoto’s latest restaurant at Chelsea Market, not far from my high school.

The food (see photo below), from a “tuna pizza” – thin slices of sushi-grade tuna on a cracker crust with a great spicy topping – to an array of sushi to a Morimoto branded beer, was just outstanding. I tried to find out if the fish were bought with an eye to sustainable sourcing but didn’t get much information on that front.

A wonderful sushi selection at Morimoto's in NYC

The lunch was a wonderful reminder that relatively untouched great ingredients, sushi is raw after all, although rice is involved, can be amazing. It was expensive, of course, which brings up the topic of whether poorer people can still eat healthy in our society that offers cheap junk food but makes people pay more for healthier fare. Discuss among yourselves, I’m going to savor the memory of lunch a bit longer.

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  1. Tony

    Awesome photo, John. I am so jealous.


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