Can You Control Your Weight if you Snack?

By way of introduction, I play backgammon on a website that has players from all over the world. Following is a dialog I had over a game with a friend who lives in London named Aimee.

Aimee: love your blog! not too sure about the snacking theory though, working off the cals so mathematically is a man’s thing lol

Tony: thanks, aimee … funny you would say that because a woman reader said she thot it was only women who counted calories so carefully. .. great fun doing it, glad you liked it

Aimee: but it’s your approach of saying it’s ok snack as long as you work off the calculated calories … i tend to think the metabolism is more complicated than that … in women’s eyes at lest lol … but yeah i’m enjoying it. will keep popping in every now & then to see what you come up with next :°)

Tony: but, what is your problem with that? why suffer hunger when you can snack and still be in line with your budget?

Aimee: as far as i’m concerned, snacking is bad. full stop. you can’t snack & just ‘work off’ the calories in such a clear-cut way. snacking is a bad eating habit & for hardcore weight watchers, or people who have very slow metabolisms, snacking is a dangerous downwards slope! BUT i liked your take on it for me, coz men don’t watch the pounds in such an assiduous way, your idea is how to keep healthy & still be satisfied hungerwise & stick iwthin a budget. so in that regards it’s fine, i was just commenting on it before as it’s not how a woman would see it (as a general rule, that’ all)

Tony: why IS snacking bad? if you aren’t getting too many calories, what is wrong with it?

Aimee: irregular eating habits are very unhealthy, and certainly not conducive to maintaining steady weight! that said, if you snack at the same time every day it’s not so bad, and even less so if you snack on fruit or veg. but people generally fall into bad habits when they convince themselves that they can just ‘burn off’ the extra calories of a snack. the body absorbs different amounts of fat at different times of day, so it’s not a rule that works in every case!

Tony: “the body absorbs different amounts of fat at different times of day, so it’s not a rule that works in every case.” are you saying the laws of thermodynamics are inconsistent? my statement was mathematical ….

Aimee: crikey, i don’t know about ‘thermodynamics’ lol but i do know that metabolic rates can differ quite substantially depending on time of day, stress levels & other variables that i can’t think of right now! my whole point about this was that i was disputing your mathematical approach … even though logically you’re right, our bodies are not abacus’ !! :°)

Tony: that’s the point about the laws of thermodynamics … we do burn the same amount of calories with our activity … now, our weight may vary from day to day based on water retention and elimination, but the calorie math works

Aimee: not convinced tony. you’ve made your point, but i’m not a convert lol

Note for the record: As of March 2014, Tony has followed his system and weighs 150-155 pounds. So he has not only maintained his weight, but guided it downward over the past four years. Just sayin’.


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