One of Those Bad Food Days

Yesterday was one of those bad food days for me. Meetings all day at work meant no time for lunch which for me usually means eating junk food on the fly instead. Yesterday that junk included some chocolate-covered cherries I have in my office along with St. Patrick Day cookies and cupcakes.

Add them up and by 5:00 p.m. I’d had 1,000 calories of junk – empty, sugar calories. I had a traditional St. Pat’s corned beef and cabbage dinner, better but not the best. Then it was an hour on the exercise bike to try and sweat off some of the bad food.

St Patrick day cookies

Working full time and eating right is a challenge, no doubt. My wife takes her lunch from home to her office every day to eat healthy. I don’t like taking lunch, it reminds me too much of when I was starting out in life. So instead I seek out the healthiest restaurant food I can find, not an easy task. I usually end up with salads with little to no dressing. I‘ve also studied the calorie and nutrition information of everything on a variety of chain outlets’ menus and often deconstruct food I order to cut calories. More on that in future posts.

Between Tony’s posts on prepared foods like Jenny Craig that you can have at home and me analyzing places like McDonald’s and Subway which are likely to surround you at the office, you should soon have plenty of ammunition to help you make better food choices.

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