I Was Too Sick to Exercise…or Was I?

Last week I battled a cold from Friday through Friday. The common cold has a way of laying me out for seven days, it’s been that way since I was a boy, perhaps because I grew up in a house that was always filled with cigarette smoke which damaged by immune system, or perhaps because a full week is what my body needs to fight back.


Whatever the reason, a week is my normal sick period. The worse I feel as the week goes on, the tougher it gets to keep up my normal exercise routine of about an hour a day on my exercise bike. I was still doing my morning 15 minutes every day but not my more intense evening workouts.

And according to my scale, which tells me percentages of body fat and water every time I weigh in, I paid the price, losing muscle and gaining body fat in the week I was off the bike. What should I have done?

Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels answers that it’s ok to exercise with ailments above the stomach, i.e. a head cold, etc., but not with problems in the stomach and below.

I’d never heard that rule before but will remember it for my next 7-day battle — hopefully next winter sometime. It’s back to the bike this week, did a total of 55 minutes Monday as I get back to my normal routine.

Editor’s note: Jillian Michaels notwithstanding, I don’t do any exercise at all when I have a head cold. I let my body fight the affliction and not be sidetracked by working out. I rarely go more than three days with a cold. Tony

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