Should You Weigh Every Day?

Editor’s note: An important consideration in daily weighing is that your weight can fluctuate a pound or two based on hydration and elimination, so don’t get too worried about a big change in a 24 hour period. Tony

I’ve found that to stay on track, eating and diet-wise, it’s important for me to weigh myself every day. I do it in the morning, at the same time each day, to get consistent weights, since your body weight can vary during the day.

It can be a bit depressing, like today when I found I was three pounds heavier than Sunday morning because of a big Chinese meal we ate out last night. But it does keep me disciplined about exercise and good eating. I have found I can not trust my body to tell me if I’m losing or gaining weight. Some mornings when I wake up and feel empty and hungry, I can find I’ve actually gained weight from the day before rather than lost. There are other mornings when I wake feeling full and heavier only to find I’ve lost a pound or two.

So I’ve learned to trust my scale while also not panicking at the addition of a pound or two a day; our bodies have a range of weight I’ve read, not one fixed weight. So set zones you want to be in – mine is 200 to 205 at the moment with a goal of a new zone of 195-200 ahead. Don’t panic at a pound or two gain, but try to establish consistent loss over time instead, keep moving your zone lower until you get into the right zone for your height, age and body type.


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