Spring Forward and Change Your Clocks

Tomorrow is the second Sunday of March and you know what that means. Ever since 2007 we have been moving our clocks ahead at 2:00 a.m. This change allows us to use less energy in lighting our homes as we take advantage of the longer, later daylight hours.


When you spring forward tomorrow morning, how about resolving to use that extra daylight to get on the road to fitness by burning more of your own energy. Eat better, workout more and live longer and happier. I’m not talking about a New Year’s resolution. We all know how those work. Do you even remember yours from this year?

This is a one-day-at-a-time thing. Maybe drop one thing that you are eating that you know isn’t so good for you and pick up something that is … fruit, veggies? Resolve to use the stairs more and take the escalator less.


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